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I spent a good part of my life in my comfort zone.

There’s no bigger waste of your time than doing the same thing over and over waiting for something exciting to happen.

Nothing exciting will happen if you don’t get out there and make something happen.

Escaping the confinement of comfort is a struggle for anyone at first.

But when you’re looking at your life as a whole, you’ll be proud if you don’t have to say the most unease you felt was choosing what to watch on Netflix to waste the night away.

Like most, you probably don’t like new things because you aren’t in control.

You prefer to be in your safe comfort zone.

However, to learn new things and grow we must learn to leave our comfort zones.

To develop, we have to go through periods of change and times of being exposed.

Are you currently comfortable?

Or better yet, are you too comfortable?

Get Uncomfortable, Get Motivated

We are programmed to stay in our comfort zones and to avoid change.

The problem is that when we get too comfortable, we get sluggish & life becomes mundane.

We stop learning and therefore we don’t grow & advance.

We are either growing or dying.

When we neglect growth we don’t experience new things. We don’t get better results.

Most people will label you crazy when you make changes by exiting your comfort zone.

However this is when you start to develop and advance and true growth occurs.

By being comfortable and normal, you will do what everyone has always done and you will get what everyone has always got.

Are you satisfied with getting the same results?

If not, it’s time to get motivated.

It’s time to get UNCOMFORTABLE.

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